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How to get to Sukhumvit Road

Running through the heart of Bangkok the Sukhumvit Road is easy to reach but which way to go may depend on your starting location and which part of the road you wish to reach.

From Bangkok Don Muang International Airport

Many visitors to Bangkok arrive at the main international airport which is named Muan Dong after the district in which it is located. This is a modern and well serviced airport which connects easily into the city and there is no difficulty reaching any part of Sukhumvit Road from the airport. 

By Taxi

The most convenient way from the Airport directly to your destination on Sukhumvit road is of course a Taxi. There are many comfortable metered taxis available in Bangkok and the booking desk at the airport allows you to catch one easily even if you speak no Thai or are unfamiliar with Bangkok.

Simply go out of door #3 and outside on the pavement you will find the Taxi desk. There is need for any help from the various travel agents around, you can simply go to the desk and state your destination.  They will provide you with a ticket and point you to the next available taxi, you show the ticket to the driver and he will then then start the meter and take you to your destination.

A trip from the airport the city center part of Sukhumvit Road will be about 350 Thai Baht, plus road tolls of about 50 baht depending on the exact route taken by the driver.  It is normal to round up the fee to the nearest 10 or 20 Baht as a tip.

By Rail

The main railway line runs directly outside the airport, accessible by a sky bridge, and is a cheap but slower option to reach the city center.  All trains entering Bangkok stop at Don Muang airport so you can use any train whether it be long distance or local to enter the city, however as the last part of the rail trip is very slow consider only travelling as far as Hualamphong station and changing there to the MRT subway system for the remainder of your trip.

By Bus

There are many bus routes which pass the Don Muang airport and go into the city, routes A1 and 555 are good choices and are a good choice to go as far as either the MRT subway system station or the BTS SkyTrain. If taking the A1 bus the terminal then go as far as teh to Mo Chit BTS station and then take the Skytrain directly to your destination.

From Suvarnabhumi Airport

This new international airport located to the south east of the city is more out of the way but has more modern facilities and shares many of the same transport options as its older relative at Muan Dong.  Transfers between the airports may be slow as it needs to either go around the busy center, or go through it which may mean being slowed down by traffic which can be very bad at times.  Although a worst-case trip can take 3 hours in most of the time it is less than one hour as the distance is less than 60km.